Why Choose Peak Tapping Solutions

Peak Tapping Solutions is confident in what we do, and we could make this page boring and long, but we felt like boiling it down to the essence of who we are. Peak Tapping Solutions embodies these characteristics:



There are many traits that make up Integrity. We try to build our organization around 7 traits that we feel embody what it means to having integrity.

  1. Expressing gratitude for others whether it be employees, customers, or anyone else. Simply saying "Thank you" says a lot about your character.
  2. Valuing honest and open communication. This means not running from difficult conversations. One doesn't hide their feelings to become resentful later. One is honest about their abilities and no matter the situations, their moral principals are more important than their personal comfort.
  3. Taking responsibility for your actions. Integrity here means not just taking responsibility when things go well, but taking responsibility when things don't go well. We all learn from mistakes. It's part of life, but owning them, elevates one to a higher level of responsibility and integrity.
  4. Respecting yourself and others around you no matter where you are. Understanding and respecting boundaries as well as one's self. Furthermore one should have respect one for another whether they be in a supervisory role or a support role. This extends to clients as well. We respect our clients
  5. Helping those in need. People with integrity naturally have an internal compass that drives them to want to help and serve others.
  6. Demonstrating reliability and trustworthiness. People you work for and work with count on you to do what you say you will do. If you don't, there are troublesome consequences for everyone involved. Being a reliable and trustworthy person is crucial to being a solution at Peak Tapping Solutions.
  7. Showing patience and flexibility, even when unexpected obstacles present themselves. People with integrity overcome life's obstacles with resilience. Challenges are just another opportunity for growth. With a bit of patience and flexible expectations, one can overcome nearly any challenge.

Peak Tapping Solutions, LLC hires for this. We train this. We manage this, and We inspect and expect this.


We meet your schedule, not ours. We do everything in our control to get the job done to meet and exceed your expectations. Our team is willing to get dirty. We see a problem, and we dive in. Even if it means going snorkeling to find and fix a problem. Or fix a problem that is not even related to what we do like fixing a diesel fuel pump on a skid steer, both true stories. I have been told, “you definitely put the Solutions in Peak Tapping.” J.D.

Sometimes we'll even do work that doesn't involve hot taps, insertion valves, or line stops. Just ask us, and we'll do what we can! We're your go to team!

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Our industry experience allows us to do what we do well and efficiently. Each member of Peak Tapping Solutions has been trained by experts. Beyond that, they have decades of field experience. We have an operating protocol that we follow. Our technician will call one workday before the scheduled work to confirm that our clients are ready. We endeavor to show up 30 minutes early when possible.


Our pricing structure is fair. You aren’t going to be overwhelmed or over charged. We both need to make money, but you will find that as you either speak to our references or experience us firsthand, you will know that you are getting more than what you pay for.

How We Protect Our Clients

With modern software and a Peak Tapping Solutions App, we digitally capture photos, videos and daily logs which are permanently recorded in each project folder which also includes things like time, weather, and geolocation. It does this all in real time, so when we save an item to the project folder, you are notified in real time. We are, at that moment on that project at work. The BIG TAKEAWAY here is that this protects each of us from having any liability issues years down the road. Here’s a potential situations… suppose there’s someone (homeowner or unlicensed do it yourself landscaper) that doesn’t pull a permit with the municipality and decides to dig where a valve is. For whatever reason, they hit a valve and causes it to leak. We know that this could potentially be catastrophic. Imagine a sink hole that takes out a bus of children 10 years down the road and you’re the contractor on record as the last company to work on that location. That’s when the lawyer comes knocking!

If you DON’T use PEAK TAPPING SOLUTIONS, unless you have something in place that records such a critical, but seemingly inconsequential aspect of a project, often all that you have is an estimate, an invoice, and bank statements. All this will say to a jury, is GUILTY! If you CHOOSE PEAK TAPPING SOLUTIONS, we have pictures, notes, geolocation, weather, time of day, and potentially videos in their own unique project folder. Liability Mitigated! How much are we worth now?

Full Solutions Provider

Peak Tapping Solutions has partnered with our supplier to provide deep discounts to our clients on our Tapping Sleeves and Valves. We pass this savings on to you. We make money by charging a reasonable and fair installation fee. The savings on the sleeve and valve typically pays for our cost to do the installations. We contact the municipality to understand what they require by way of testing and schedule the test. We provide the sleeve and valve, test the system, and make sure it passes, and then we proceed with the tap. So many times, when we show up to a project, we find that the sleeve/valve assembly are either incorrect and not yet installed, or the assembly doesn’t pass our initial pressure test which the municipality requires. So, when this happens, the leak must be found. Peak Tapping Solutions doesn’t walk away from a problem! Most often the valve and even sleeve have to be removed and reinstalled, which we are absolutely willing to help with, but it tends to waist unnecessary time and delay other aspects of the project which ultimately costs you money. Regardless of what the county may require, we perform and digitally record an air test at 100psi to protect both Peak Tapping Solutions, and you, our client.